Having a deeper understanding of your partner will.

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I told my husband this morning if he better understood my love language of leaving a hundred books scattered throughout the house, we would have a better relationship. We had a good laugh.

Our amusement is not at the expense of the love languages, rather a testament to our capacity to make light of an annoying habit that is unlikely to change. Just as his habit of leaving a spattering of coffee every morning on the kitchen counter is unlikely to change–much. We still try mind you, but these are also built-in quirks that we’ve accepted about one another.


How Canada’s new travel restrictions are creating an invisible border wall for families.

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We’ve all struggled in one way or another to weather the shifting tides of this pandemic. Is it two masks or one? Which vaccine should we get? Should we get one at all? Who should be in our pod — should we even have a pod? Do we send our children to school or keep them home?

While choices about managing the coronavirus have been fraught with tension — a child spending time with their parent should not be among them. Being a child of divorced parents…

A Poem

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Did you just dismiss me?
Listen, please.

These are the parts that need healing,
can you connect with this feeling?

I am reeling from the shouts, and the slanders-
the provocations and gander,
Wonder, why I slip sideways
through this convoluted maze,
in search of truth,
un-mired by our history.

If we cannot refrain from the insane,
will the pain of shame come to reign?
That which fills one with disdain,
fortressed, hollowed, and in vain?

Bestow yourself a throne of fame,
to stave away the pain.
Lest I be as forbidden as Antigone?

At a crossroads…

A Poem

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Pulsating a thousand volts per second, marketing meaning, while fasting on reality,
indulgent on mass-produced fantasies.

Hollowed out insides,
inescapable unpleasant overtures of devoured moments.

Lying in the palm of obscurity,
spreading her fingers, yearning
for more,
teaching the infant to mind those “p’s” and “q’s.”

When you get the taste of it, its hard not to want it,
like chocolate on your tongue.

I want to saran wrap survival,
secrete success out of every pore.

Coffee and cigarettes are in lust with one another seeping through my vivacious veins, breeding vile vibrations beneath flesh.

A small and…

And why talking it out with a friend may be more helpful

Consider the last time you couldn’t get something out of your head.
Maybe it was an insult hurled at you or a mistake you made at work.
You mull it over, and over, and over, and over in your head until it winds up about as useful as a wad of stale bubble gum.

Going over the same parade of thoughts in our heads consumes our energy and devours our beloved time, yet we seem drawn to it like the proverbial, moth to a flame. Then you receive…

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This year as other parents embrace their children around the Christmas tree or engage in a rousing game of dreidel with their little ones, I will most likely be opening my Zoom app to see if my child is ready to unwrap his gifts.

It’s the kind of decision that almost no parent wants to make. A decision that for the past month slams me awake every morning between the hours of 3 and 4 a.m. Then haunts me around the house until other thoughts and priorities are vanquished in service of this sole thought, do I let my child…

Jennifer Dodge

Therapist, writer, mother, and explorer of the edges between discomfort and growth.

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